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Ellen Ferrelli
Director of Educational Services at Fort Lauderdale History Center.

Zahra has re-designed a complex web site for the Fort Lauderdale History Center. She has produced a site for me that is extremely well focused, visually attractive and easy to navigate. Zahra is always pleasant, patient, highly reliable and extraordinarily thorough.
She is creative, yet always open to suggestions. She is readily available to answer questions and to give explanations which facilitate the understanding of web sites, computers and the Internet. In addition to having excellent designing skills, Zahra has been a great team player. She eagerly participates with the other members of the team, sharing her ideas and expertise. She is always ready to jump in anywhere when we need help. Zahra is a trustworthy and interested employee who enhanced our company greatly. We valued her competence and dedication to her job.

Chris Cotto
Lead Response Center Specialist at Broward College .

I have had the sincere pleasure of knowing Ms. Zahra Jafferjee for 4 years. I know her to be a hard worker, who is constantly updating her knowledge of web design. Zahra is a dignified, diligent, and professional woman who will be a great asset for you in all you need her to do. She is able to quickly adapt to all situations, and is wholly capable of performing any and all tasks that are required of her. Surely she is the right choice. Thank you!

Thomas Fernandez
Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor at Florida Atlantic University.

Zahra is talented, hardworking and a pleasure to work with. I recommend her without reservation for a job in software development and design. She has done very well in her academic work here at Florida Atlantic University.

Cindy Cain
Nova Southeastern Student

Zahra has a passion for computers and is excellent with various aspects of them. She works well with others, as well as being a self starter. She is dedicated, hard working, and an asset to every organization she is involved with. She has been well known to learn programs on her own and new versions of existing programs. I do not hesitate to recommend her for any computer, or web position you have open. I have had experience with working with her and can truly tell you that you will have an employee who will listen and do her very best.

Shawn Freidkin
Stand Among Friends.

Zahra is a responsible, confident, capable individual with excellent skills in graphical design and website development. Zahra is always dependable. She is a self starter who is capable of handling independent projects. She has proven her ability to organize her team and to motivate them to meet project deadlines. She would be a fine addition to any organization that values solid performance. I highly recommend her for related opportunities

Sam Hsu
Professor at Florida Atlantic University

Zahra is a very conscientious student. She always took her assignments seriously and finished them on time with a good score. She interacted with the instructor and other classmates actively. I am very impressed by her determination and strong will to strive for success.
Given the positive attributes she has demonstrated, I believe that she will be a successful candidate for you company. If she is given an opportunity to prove herself, she will excel in her chosen field of work, and become an asset in your company. I thus recommend Ms. Jafferjee for the position she is applying for and also believe that she deserves a positive consideration.